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Our Animal Handlers have experience teaching and working with animals from all around the world. All Educators have experience teaching in zoos, classroom settings, nature centers, and more! 

Events we attend:

School classrooms
Fair events
Birthday parties*
-More: just ask us!

Meet our Ambassadors

Ambassador species are birds who came to our Rehab and were determined by rehabbers and a veterinarian to be non-releasable. Many are adapted to humans and are models of their species. 

Apollo the American Crow

Apollo came to Diva Crows as a fledge with a hurt foot. While we were able to fix his foot up no problem it was discovered that he also has a wing deformity which prevents him from flying correctly. He is a young bird, born in spring 2019 and while he still has a lot to learn he really enjoys meeting new people at the education programs!

Ackbar the Blue Jay

Ackbar is an adult Blue Jay who had two eye infections when he came to Diva Crows in Summer 2019. Rehabbers were able to save one eye but not the other. Due to this Ackbar has horrible depth perception and trouble flying. He has become out education Blue Jay and is always happy to sing, hop around, and entertain a crowd!

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