Diva Crows

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Est. 2012

Wildlife rehabilitation caring for various crows, corvids and songbirds. Please enjoy a glimpse into the world of these amazingly intelligent birds.

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Diva Crows Wildlife Rehabilaition focuses on caring for orphaned and injured birds in Northern Virgina.

Our Mission is to release as many birds as possible back into the wild. 

The Order of the Steel Crow

It’s time for the annual birdnapping warning, but this year there is a twist: achieve fame and fortune by becoming a charter member of the Order of the Steel Crow.

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Covid with Corvids (& Friends)

Baby Season has begun, pandemic or no. With everything going on in the world, it’s comforting to know that the little critters are arriving on schedule. Diva Crows is ready.

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Number of Birdnappings Prevented by DivaCrows in 2019

Birdnapping is when a healthy uninjured bird (usually a young fledge) is taken from their home and brought to a Wildlife Rehab center. When this happens, the bird is more likely to suffer from the process of moving, when they were likely just learning how to fly! Before you call a wildlife, rescue look around! Does the bird appear injured? Is the birds head down or its eyes closed? Is the bird featherless?  If you can answer no to these questions it is likely that this is a young bird just learning how to fly! So, leave the bird be, if in an unsafe location the bird can be moved to a safer spot but do not take the bird away from their home.

Help us prevent birdnapping this year!

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