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This blog chronicles the ups and downs of caring for various crows and jays, all members of the corvid family.   Please enjoy a glimpse into the world of these amazingly intelligent birds.

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Cranberry Recount

Thanksgiving reignites the annual feud over cranberries. This year the corvids are asked to decide the right answer.

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Climate Control

The cold has come early this year, requiring hasty preparations to keep our corvid friends warm and happy.

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Rehab Season 2018

I am proclaiming Rehab Season 2018 to be officially over. A few days ago I released the last crow -- a juvi who arrived in August with a droopy wing. Two vets examined him and announced there was no medical reason for the wing to be droopy, or, to quote Monty Python,...

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Enrichment Fail

Keeping Gwen and Stephen on their toes (talons?) is not easy. The usual methods to encourage foraging behavior simply prompt them to go into destructo-mode. I should probably just give up and get them an account on Grub Hub.

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The Sound of Silence

Stephen has developed a new habit: he likes to honk. Every three to five minutes he will produce this sound once and go about his business until the next one must be shared with the world. He has not deigned to explain this behavior. Perhaps he is trying to...

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Number of Birdnappings Prevented by DivaCrows in 2018

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