BeCAWs you Care!

Diva Crows is run entirely off of donations. All proceeds go 100% back to the birds. Whether is it food, medical exams, cleaning supplies, or enclosure repairs, any donation can make a difference in a bird’s life!

Paypal is out main source of donations! Please send money to via PayPal and the birds will eat mealworms in your honor.
Our Amazon Wish List holds all the fun toys and supplies which we use to help provide enrichment for education birds! Also, on the Amazon wish list are important food and supplies that are always needed!
Our Etsy shop contains artwork made by Aurora, the American Crow ambassador, as well as Diva crow gear and stickers! All proceeds go back to Diva Crows birds!
Want to support Diva Crows without thinking about it? Make Diva Crows your designated charity on Amazon Smiles. You shop, we get donations: the ultimate win-win.