BeCAWs you Care!

Diva Crows is run entirly off of donatations! All proceeds go 100% back to the birds. Whether is it food, cleaning supplies, enclousure repairs any donate can be the difference between a birds life!

Our Amazon Wish List holds all the fun toys and supplies which we use to help prvide enrichment for education birds! Also on the amazon wish list is important food and supplies that are always needed!
Paypal is out main source of donations! 
Currently our go fund me is dedicated to fundraising money to Save a Raven!

The raven was dropped off last week from Herndon, VA. He is unable to fly, emaciated, and has conjunctivitis in one eye. Our veterinarian says he had a massive break in his left coracoid that healed incorrectly, which is why he can’t fly and has left his pectoral muscles severely atrophied. 

Despite being found so far from home and his extensive injuries, this Raven is a gentle soul. Our carers have nicknamed him “The Gentle Giant”, and he has impeccable manners. He loves chicken and his favorite snack is a whole peanut coated in peanut butter (yum!).  However, in addition to the X-Rays taken today, we anticipate a lot of follow up visits: our friend will need extensive physical therapy, antibiotics, pain management, follow-up X-rays and exams, and months of care. That’s why we need your help!