I purchased collage-making software; you have been duly warned. Now I must collage all the things!

The best part of rehabbing is sending the birds back from whence they came. I especially love returning crows to where they were found because I know they have family and friends waiting for them. It’s hard to get good photos because a successful release takes nanoseconds and the bird is moving so fast that all the camera can capture is a feathered blur. But here are a few near-misses.



Which brings us to this lovely bird. Some may remember her arrival last winter. She (I made the gender part up) must have been hit by a car. At any rate she had a fractured scapula and was severely concussed. In spite of the best care, she never regained flight. In addition, she suffered some kind of nerve damage because her hallux (the back toe) points forward which means she can’t perch properly with one foot. Finally, she is eerily calm. She is more like an owl. She perches and watches without making a sound. Not behavior to ensure survival in the wild.

I applied to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for an education permit and lo and behold it arrived in the mail today. So, pending approval from the Commonwealth of Virginia, my task is to turn Our Girl into an avian ambassador.

My hope is that her zen state means that she will accept anklets and learn to perch on a glove so that I can do some education programs with her. She doesn’t like me much because I did all sorts of horrible things to her like taping up her wings and then stretching them out in a failed effort to get her flying again. So now I make offerings and she lets me stroke her chest once or twice. It’s a beginning.