Diva Crows survived the wild ride that was 2021. In all, we cared for a total of 449 birds during 2021, which is more than double the amount we took in 2020 (being 202 birds)! This is thanks to Diva Crows’ amazing interns to worked through a plague of unknown origin that caused songbirds to go blind and have neurological issues. Even with the incredibly high morality rate from that disease (the origins are still unknown) we released almost twice as many birds as we did in 2020, so despite the craziness and the insane bird plague, we accomplished our goal of giving as many birds as possible a second chance at a wild life. Go team Diva Crows!! 

2021 had some other surprises and accomplishments not directly related to rehab. Our education crow turned out to be male, so we switched the name from Aurora to Apollo. As Apollo is the god of sun and light and Aurora means dawn, the conversion made sense.

Apollo and Aurora by Gerard de Lairesse (1671).

Apollo had a busy year developing his artistic abilities. He has sold a total of 78 paintings on the Diva Crows Etsy Store. This fall he refused to paint for a couple of months, causing a backlog in orders. Apparently he needed to focus on his book, Apollo Finds a Home, an autobiography explaining in tetrameter how he became Crow-in-Charge at a wildlife rehab. It is not easy to get those iambs and trochees to line up correctly. This soon-to-be bestseller is available here.

Book Cover Image
Cover of Apollo’s book, available at https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Apollo-Finds-a-Home

Our new education bird Mabel, a yellow-billed cuckoo, is settling in well. She is pretty chill but occasionally has something to say.

Mabel has opinions after all.

Diva Crows has lots of plans for 2022. We are trying to continue our efforts to provide direct experience in caring for wildlife for undergraduates who are majoring in environmental science and related fields. We would love to host another PhD student. We have started a mealworm colony to grow the critters on our own to save money and are researching avian diets to see if we can find more cost-effective ways to make sure our birds continue to get the nutrition they need. We have our fingers crossed that we will be able to resume live programs in 2022.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Diva Crows in 2021. Your generosity has been tremendous. It’s not cheap to feed and house 400+ birds but y’all came through. Here’s hoping for a free-flying happy 2022.