Today Gwen and Stephen had their annual check-up at Stahl’s Exotic Animal Veterinary Services (SEAVS), which is always a fun time.

Stephen again has a swollen tongue and some sort of mouth infection. It’s not capillaria this time. SC may have 1) bit his tongue; 2) had a fight with Gwen; 3) bit down on something sharp; or 4) had smooch with Gwen that went wrong. At any rate, he needs a course of antibiotics—ugh. Dr. Costanzo ordered a special compound so that I only have to chase Our Hero Crow down once a day (rather than twice) for two weeks to pry his beak open and squirt meds down his throat. Joy. Result: Stephen–0; Room Service Woman– -10.

Stephen v. Vet Tech: after Stephen’s exam, the vet tech covered him in a towel and slipped him in a plastic box to weigh him. When he removed the towel, Stephen was limp in the bottom of the box, not moving. The vet tech then moved the cover from the box to see what was wrong, when boom, Stephen took off and a merry game of chase S. Crowbert around the exam room ensued. The ol’ play dead trick. Humans fall for it every time. Result: Stephen–1; Vet Tech–0.

The ever-fabulous Dr. Gregory Costanzo who takes great care of Gwen and Stephen at Stahl's Exotic Animal Vet Services

The ever-fabulous Dr. Gregory Costanzo who takes great care of Gwen and Stephen at Stahl’s Exotic Animal Vet Services

Gwen is in spectacular health: no parasites, good weight, good feathers, and “fantastic” lung and heart sounds. She didn’t manage to escape during the exam, so I have to call a tie on this one. Result: Gwen–1; Vet–1.

Gwen in Full flight

Gwen displaying herself in perfect health








While we were at the vet, Minion Man (aka Super Hub) set up a new camera so that we can monitor nest activity. (Long-time readers will remember that G&S removed the last camera, somehow managing to remove the two screws that attached it to the side wall of the enclosure and then dragging the offending object around the enclosure.) As of tonight, this latest version is intact, which means that they haven’t noticed it (unlikely), don’t care (impossible), or are plotting (bingo). Result (so far): G&S–0; Minion Man–10.