blue jay tail upAbout a month ago, I posted about Miracle Jay, a blue jay chick with deformed legs whom I kept all summer because I didn’t know what else to do with him. He slowly learned to hop, then perch, and finally fly. After Hurricane Joaquin splashed through last week, I released our friend, bringing rehab season 2015 to a close. But MJ has decided that life among the crows and underbrush of our neglected backyard is not too shabby. So here he stays.

He generally goes about his business but every once in a while will squawk for a couple of minutes so that we know he’s still around. He’s fairly relaxed around me and will even preen a bit if I’m about. I can get about 4-5 feet away from him before he flies off. He’s pretty fast when he wants to be. He stays low to the ground, althoughblue jay wing fanning he can perch on top of our backyard fence which is about 10 feet high.

So who knows what his thinking is. Maybe he’s just building up strength before heading out or maybe he just likes it here. I leave out dog food, which he ignores (but the raccoons appreciate, I’m sure). I imagine he’ll eventually find some bluejay buddies and move on, but it’s nice to have a friendly face in the yard in the meantime.