It is not all glamour, folks. Sometimes being in the service of Gwen and Stephen is less than optimal. Today, for instance, was enclosure clean-up day. Needless to say G&S do not approve of this activity because it messes with their stuff. It doesn’t matter that said stuff consists of disintegrating paper towels, half moldy wet cereal boxes, old feathers, and desiccated hardboiled eggs. Even worse, corvids cache food. Nothing like picking up an old box to discover that it is a hiding spot for a head that was part of a chick served for dinner two days ago. Yum!


Which brings us to the paper towel rolls in the enclosure. Super Hub sometimes puts dinner in tubes so they have to exercise half a brain cell in figuring out how to extract the food. This is an acceptable practice for the evening meal. It is not, I repeat not, allowed when serving morning super worms. Minion Man tried this trick a few mornings ago, an effort that was met with a combination of bewilderment and distain. They did not fly down but stared in shocked disbelief—sort of like if  someone told Queen Elizabeth a dirty joke at the a royal garden party. According to the vet, super worms are the corvid equivalent of potato chips. I can imagine not being too happy is someone put my favorite junk food in paper towel tubes and said, “have at it.”