Whereas, it is necessary to keep the peasant birds and humans informed of Our Wishes, Desires, and Views,

Whereas, the World desires to be informed about the existence and wellbeing of any and all Royal Offspring,

Whereas, out of date technology is an Abomination,

Whereas, We deserve the Latest and Greatest in All Things,

Therefore, let it be known and celebrated throughout the land that the Diva Crows blog has been UPGRADED to a website.

Furthermore, may our myriad Subjects keep in mind that Room Service Woman is now confronted with a new and unfamiliar software package that she must learn to use. Their Corvid Majesties therefore are prepared to exhibit temporary patience and understanding as this moderately adequate Human attempts to master a new skill.

Done, this 11th Day of April 2018, and in the Sixth Year of Our Reign.