Whereas, Crows are song birds and thus are experts on vocalizations (and everything else);

Whereas, Humans engage in an activity called “singing,” in which they repeat music written by “composers;”

Whereas, the avian practice of singing one’s own song instead of someone else’s is obviously superior;

Whereas, Humans cannot be blamed for their shortcomings but should be commended for trying;

Whereas, some Humans engage in a particularly challenging form of singing called “opera;”

Whereas, Super Daughter is singing the title role in Mozart’s opera Lucio Silla;

Whereas, the entire cast displayed great skill and dedication in producing an entire evening of beautiful sound;

THEREFORE, All of our loyal subjects who are in the vicinity of Brooklyn, New York, are hereby commanded to attend the second and final performance of Lucio Silla on Sunday, May 13 at 2 pm at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

DONE this 12th day of May 2018, the sixth year of Our Reign.