Whereas Minion Man and Room Service Woman’s eldest fledgling has left her home territory;

Whereas said fledgling, aka Super Daughter, has engaged in allopreening and allofeeding with a suitable male human fledgling,

Whereas these two young creatures have decided to become a bonded pair,

Whereas they engaged in a human ceremony called a “wedding” on December 30, 2017,

Their Imperial Majesties Gwendolen and Stephen Crowbert, on behalf of their entire Court hereby proclaim:

  • May the couple’s winter nights be mild and summer days cool;
  • May their superworms be plump;
  • May their wings be strong and predators slow;
  • May they live long and love deeply.

And to the rest of our Subjects, human and avian, you are commanded to have a happy and prosperous 2018.

Done on this 31st Day of December 2017, and fifth of Our Reign.