Their Corvid Majesties do hereby Announce and Proclaim:

The provision of morning superworms shall not be late. Tardiness causes Their Eminences inconvenience as it necessitates clinging to the side of the enclosure and yelling. Exertion before morning sustenance is intolerable. Minion Man has a job. He should do it.

Yellow day-old chicks are an acceptable food offering; Black chicks are a Travesty. Dinner time is for dining not activating emergency measures to protect against aberrant foodstuffs. Their Illustrious Highnesses wish to point out that this should be obvious.

All forms of nets are forbidden inside the enclosure in the strictest possible terms. The idea that anyoneleast of all Room Service Womancould even contemplate chasing The Much Honored Stephen Crowbert around with a net to squirt medicine down his throat is outrageous. The fact that this is actually happening is a monstrous affront to sanctity of Their Regal Persons. Yes, the royal tongue looks like a moldy honey-lemon cough drop dripping with goo but that is beside the point.


Done this 20th Day of February 2017 and in the 5th year of Our reign.