When it comes to breeding, Gwen is absolutely consistent. It can be 75 degrees in February or raining cats and dogs in April, she does not budge. Nest-building commences when she says it does—namely to coincide with a Memorial Day hatch date. The countdown has begun.

Yesterday Gwen brought the first stick into the inner sanctum. Ha, ha, I thought when I began to watch the video, we shall have a ringside side seat to watch the process. And then Gwen looked straight into the camera. The result is eerie. Crows can’t be that smart.


So I thought we were out of luck. But the camera was back in alignment this morning. I suspect Super Hub may have sneaked into the back to adjust it. (I am currently in Michigan in the midst of a snowstorm but that’s another story.)

Next up: a bit of corvid foreplay. Her Serene Gwenness is not going to go to the trouble to build an empty nest, apparently. That’s Stephen bowing in the front and Gwen making the weird sound in the back. It’s part of the courting ritual. I’ve read that crows don’t go through this after they’ve paired off, but either Gwen or Stephen (or both) appear to be hopeless romantics. They preen and feed each other for weeks before getting this far.


Our dynamic duo spent the rest of the day arranging sticks. They’d bring them in, store them in the basket, move them around, whereupon Gwen would decide they were Unworthy and remove them. Then the cycle would begin again.  At the high point of the day, she had about six branches arranged but by evening, she was back down to two. At that rate, I’m beginning to understand why it takes her a month to build a nest. But patience, Dear Reader, her Ladyship is very particular.