Five days down and the Stephen Crowbert and I continue to do battle when it comes to the twice daily dose of antibiotics. Yesterday, he managed to make his feelings know quite clearly by chomping down on my pinkie finger, drawing blood. A clear corvid win. Even worse, Gwen has gotten into the act. While I chase Stephen around, she has taken to knocking the syringe off the table so it’s concealed in the grass, forcing me to hold Stephen in the net with one hand while rummaging around in the undergrowth for the medicine. It’s a miracle that I 1) manage to get anything into Stephen and 2) have fingers left.

So why don’t I just shove Stephen in a varikennel and be done with it? Because they’ve decided that maybe it’s time to think about the crow 3.0 series. M. Crowbert checks out the nest area several time a day and a few hours ago, Gwendolen made her first inspection, immediately going after the nest cam I set up. Spying on her babies, it appears, is going to be about as straightforward as giving her mate his antibiotics.