Bismarck stretching his wings to build flight muscles

For those of you who remember Bismarck, Gwen and Stephen’s adventurous chick who loved to explore and headed off to Richmond to become an educational crow, I have an update.

  • Bismarck is a female. Oops. She is a big girl (510 grams), much bigger than her mamma, so I guess I’m not entirely at fault for being confused. She does have her mother’s attitude, however. She is very chatty and is not big into cooperation. I had to take about 10 photos before getting one that was not simply a blur of a crow bouncing around.
  • She now goes by Ginny, short for Virginia. Not only is that her home state, but Edgar Allen Poe’s wife was named Virginia, so an apropos literary reference is also taken care of.
  • Ginny can step up onto an open palm. She is also impressively crate trained. ¬†She will go into a crate independently and is learning to close the door behind her. Not only is this is this safer and less stressful for the bird (stuffing a crow into a crate is no fun) but it gives her a sense of agency. It was wonderful to watch.
  • She has capillaria. Of course she does. I fear Gwen and Stephen have not only passed on capillaria to their children but have created a strain of super worms that do not respond to the usual medicine. The only consolation is that at 510 grams, our girl is not exactly wasting away.
  • She has some very interesting dorm mates, including two screech owls, flying squirrels, and an opossum.

Ginny the Crow, daughter of Stephen and Gwen, the First of Her Name, Cacher of All Things

I will see her again in September. I can hardly wait to see what new behaviors she has learned.