I am on bird leave from work, and our feathered friends have arrived. I have rehab birds on the porch: six robins and four blue jays in addition to the two crows who have been camped out there for a while.

Inside, two African Pied Crow chicks have taken center stage. At first they were a little unsure about their new environment and hunkered down in their new nest (a medium-sized mixing bowl) and refused to acknowledge me as a food source. No corvid can resist pinkie mice for long, however. By noon today, they were each devouring 5-6 at a time, along with blueberries, baby food chicken, and rabbit. One will eat dog food; the other made a heroic and dramatic effort to regurgitate the piece that it inadvertently condescended to eat.

They are big-time sleepers, which makes sense given their phenomenal growth rate. Not only are they putting on weight but they are also producing feathers, a long and itchy process.

They had one adventure when they both decided to lean out of the bowl at the same time tipping it over. They then managed to scoot into opposite corners of the cage. I retrieve them and put them back with a teddy bear to substitute for the third sibling who is still with Gwen and Stephen. They are familiar with the nest dynamics of a threesome and seem much happier happier that way. 

I haven’t weighed them but they are chunky little critters, I’d guess around a quarter pound. No idea as to gender. The only way to know for sure is 1) a DNA test or 2) see if an egg appears, although size and behavior can give clues.