The corvid crew is doing fine in the snow. Gwen and Stephen reacted to the storm pretty much as one would think: she yelled at the snow to make sure it knew who is in charge. M. Crowbert, on the other hand, decided that stoic and silent was the way to go.

Super Son and Super Hub did a great job of keeping access to the enclosure open, which let DSC_0482me make sure that they had food in the covered area in the back and thus enough calories to keep warm. They were active, but I did notice that they devoured ten mice for dinner; the normal serving is six, and they often leave leftovers.

The natural range of pied crows extends down through South Africa, so they are built for chilly temperatures–somewhere around freezing. I’m surprised that they are so good natured about our cold snaps, but they have shelter, a heat lamp, and a steady diet, so apparently it’s not too difficult to cope.

DSC_0515Ruckus is fine too. She lost her view to the outside for a while yesterday but didn’t seem to mind, opting to stay perched on the upper branch next to her heat lamp. I offered to bring her inside but she wasn’t interested. I didn’t get a pass on going outside to pay homage, i.e. provide head scratches and snacks, however. For dinner, she got a cheese omelette (eggs and cheese for protein, calcium, and warmth). Luckily I have some down of my own, courtesy of Eddie Bauer, and Super Daughter gave me a warm hat with a crow embroidered on it for Christmas, so I was able to minister unto Her Ruckusness without too much difficulty.