Last Friday was “Love Your Lawyer” Day. Since I’m a lawyer and Super Hub loves me, he bought me a new smart phone. Generally I hate cell phones, which is why mine is usually lying under a bed somewhere with a dead battery. But this one is awesome, so having hugged it, and loved it, and squeezed it, I named it George.
Ruckus on Perch

George has a fancy camera so I, of course, had to take him outside to meet Ruckus. She, however, never approves of anything new and did her puffed up feather glare routine.

This is the crows’ mellow season. The late winter and spring are dedicated to breeding and the summer to molting, both of which are very energy intensive activities.  So once the molt is over, it’s time to relax and store up energy to deal with the oncoming winter and breeding season. And, since crows, go to sleep when the sun goes down, their days are short as we approach the Winter Solstice.

The only active concern are marauding juvenile crows who band together in large gangs so they can invade adult crow territory to find something to eat. Occasionally a flock will settle in on the tree above Gwen and Stephen’s enclosure and a bi-cultural crow shouting match ensues until Super Hub gets fed up and drives the troublemakers off.

So anyway, Ruckus and I had fun figuring out George’s camera features, including how to take selfies.


Ruckus has not quite figured out the technique of pecking at the screen at the right time, but I’m confident she’ll get the hang of it. In the meantime, I used my opposable thumb privilege to get this shot of her perching on my shoulder. And yes, Our Girl definitely needs a bath. Ruckus Shoulder Shot