031416raven-777x437So the big news is that ravens have been spotted in the District of Columbia for the first time in over a century. A pair has built a nest under a bridge somewhere in the District, and the female is incubating a clutch of eggs that should hatch in a few weeks. The local NBC affiliate has some great footage of the birds. Check it out!

Closer to home, Gwendolen and Stephen Crowbert are beginning to give tiny hints that they might think about nesting at some point maybe. I’ve been putting sticks in their enclosure, which they are strewing about. Their appetites have skyrocketed. I don’t know if Gwen is eating all of Stephen’s food, leaving him famished, but I’ve upped their portions and there are no signs of leftovers anywhere by the next day. Whenever they see me, they both cling to the enclosure door to see if I’m going to produce food. They also yell at me endlessly when I do make a food delivery but that could still be hard feelings from the administering the last round of capillaria medicine.

Ruckus Shoulder ShotRuckus is also in a good mood these days. She took a bath voluntarily for the first time in months today in the kitchen sink. (As you can tell from this picture, she gets quite dirty.) She managed to soak herself so thoroughly that she couldn’t fly and had to strut back out to her enclosure for what I hope was a good preen.

Otherwise, she has taken to trying to feed me crackers. Although it’s a bit intimidating having a crow peck at your mouth, I’m grateful she’s trying to share a cracker rather than dog food or a mouse.