I managed to get the camera in the nest area readjusted enough that it is no longer pointed to the ground, although the picture is still not ideal. I had about two seconds as Gwen and Stephen allowed me to bring their water into the back of the enclosure to keep all the pollen pods (or whatever they are) falling from the trees from contaminating it. That gave me enough time to push the camera back up before I got busted.

When I got up this morning there was a recording from 3:43 am. What in the world could Gwen and Stephen be doing at that hour? It turns out pretty much what any happily married couple might do when they both wake up in the middle of the night. Tripping across crow porn over coffee is not the ideal way to start the day, but it did wake me up.

Our lovebirds spent the rest of the day flying into the back area, staring into the basket that they have turned into a nest, sometimes hopping into the basket, then emerging and flying off. (I have dutifully left a basket back there for nesting purposes for the last five years but this is the first time they’ve used it.) I counted about 30 nursery checks before I got bored. ┬áSo either there is an egg in there or there is going to be one (or more) in the near future (see above) or they are having the time of their lives messing with me. Stay tuned!