Aurora is beginning to molt and has really terrible feather quality. She spends most of her time in an indoor aviary with a UV light to provide vitamin D. It turns out that these bulbs only provide UV rays for six months, although they emit light for much longer than that. I’ve ordered new bulbs but Amazon has better things to do than deliver UV bulbs to crows, so today we decided to go low tech: sit outside in the sunshine.


Our Girl loves a good sunbath, especially if it involves having their neck gently scratched at the same time, which leads her doze off. This is what a bird looks like with its eyes closed. the eyelid is at the bottom of the eye and and closes up — the opposite of humans. 

When not napping, Aurora likes to enjoy the sun by fluffing up her feathers and looking demented. It’s not an approach for everyone but works for her.

The staff of Diva Crows is staying at home in compliance with stay at home orders. Luckily, things are pretty quiet as baby season has not yet begun. We are doing behind-the-scenes work (including upgrades to this website) and practicing rehabbing COVID-19 style, which includes not interacting with the dedicated transporters who bring birds to us.  


That having been said, the neighborhood crows did not receive Virginia’s stay at home memo. I have two in rehab. They are both suffering from what looks to be West Nile Virus. It’s April, people. I have no idea what mosquitoes are doing around here in the early spring. But apparently the mild winter we had didn’t wipe them out completely. This guy is now perching, so I’m hoping they both have mild cases and will on their way home soon.


Finally, our robin friend is still in residence. He has a bandage on his wing but is doing well. He has a taste for blueberries along with mealworms. I hope to be able to take the bandage off soon and start getting him back into flying form.

Stay safe and healthy, devoted readers.