Ruckus is still not sure what she thinks about my new phone. But she seems to recognize herself when it’s in selfie mode. At least seeing herself in the camera produced a long soliloquy about something—the the many dimensions of corvid superiority, perhaps? Although she is wary (note the puffed up feathers on her head and neck), her tone is “conversational” and lacks her typical warning growl. She is not in a defensive posture; she is erect rather than poised for flight.

Her reaction when she sees her reflection in the bathroom mirror is very different—she gets agitated, jumps up and down, pecks at the mirror, and flies off.  So, I don’t think she has yet figured out the crow in the bathroom mirror is her reflection, but she seems to have decided the camera crow is not real (or at least not a threat). Maybe she thinks that no real crow could fit into something that small. At any rate, it’s fun to watch her corvid brain go into overdrive trying to make sense of everything.