So I have a rehab crow in residence. He has a broken wing. Luckily it looks like it’s going to heal, so eventually he’ll be able to go back from whence he came. I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see him go.

Rehab Crow 18-02

All of the bird books say that crows are omnivores. I suppose that’s true if by omnivore they mean “eats like a human four-year-old.” Crows taken together as a species probably eat just about anything, but any individual bird is going to have firm preferences.  Woe betide any human foolish enough to offer up the wrong thing. I’ve gotten used to Gwen and Stephen, who aren’t interested in anything that was not part of another animal at some point. Zen doesn’t like worms, which is supposed to be the staple of the corvid diet. Snafu really will grab just about anything. But all of their dietary whims are within the normal spectrum.

Enter Rehab Crow 18-02. This one is a vegetarian, I swear. He will not eat meat: no worms, no mice, no bison dog food, no chicks, no steak. He will eat blueberries, peanuts, and hardboiled eggs, so at least he’s not vegan. I have also fooled him into eating softened Science Diet.  As it is mainly grain, he seems willing to ignore the meat that is supposed to be in it as well.  (Or maybe he knows something we consumers do not.)

I hope that’s enough nutrients to allow him to put on some weight and heal up his wing. He bites, so doing PT with him is no fun for anyone. He’s beautiful, however. His feathers are particularly glossy and jet black. So maybe all that healthy eating is not such a bad idea. But if I catch him eating kale, we’re done. He can head over to the nearest Whole Foods and see if they’ll provide a nice perch and comp him some tofu.