It has been pouring down rain here for the past three days. Luckily it has not been too cold, but daytime temps in the 60s are no picnic when you are trying to incubate eggs. Gwen has reached Hero Mother status. She is, to be generous, bedraggled. Her chest is stained brown from resting up against wet bark and she is continually soaked to the skin. And yet she doggedly remains in the nest.

Unfortunately, the Nest Cam went offline, so I didn’t have a clear idea of what was going on. At first I was scared to try to fix it but got worried enough today to go back and reset it. Surprisingly, neither Gwen nor Stephen were overly perturbed. The nest basket was soaked and the nest lining was wet but not drenched. But something needed to be done.

Enter Super Hub to the rescue. He went out in the driving rain, bought a tarp, and put it over the roof in the back area to give the nest further protection. Gwen stayed in the nest during the entire operation, keeping an eye on things but remaining calm. Stephen Crowbert let out nary a protest. Somehow they understood what was going on.

Rain can be disastrous for a nest. Two years ago we had a historically cold and rainy May, which caused G&S’s nest to fail. I fear that there is a non-zero chance that the same thing will happen this year. But we should not abandon all hope. The rain has gone on for days — not weeks — and Gwen only had two eggs in May 2016, whereas this year she has five. I’ve also turned on the heat lamp to help dry things out.

Fingers crossed that the corvid-human cooperation will pay off.