Diva Crows Wildlife Rehabilitation focuses on caring for orphaned and injured birds in Northern Virginia.

Our mission is to release as many birds as possible back into the wild.

Birdnapping happens when a well-meaning person takes a healthy uninjured fledgling from its home and brings it to a wildlife rehab center. This subjects the bird to stress; no one wants to be grabbed and put in a box. Young birds leave the nest before they can fly and  spend several days on the ground learning how to fly.

Before you do anything, look around. Does the bird appear injured? Is the bird’s head down or are its eyes closed? Can you see its skin or does it have feathers?  If you can answer “no” to these questions, it is likely that this is a young bird just learning how to fly! Please leave the bird alone unless it in an unsafe location. If that is the case, gently  move it to a safe spot nearby so its parents can find it again.

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