Dear Everybody,

Yes, the gang is still here (feathered and otherwise). This time of year is usually quiet (aka “the snoozy season”) as we hit a post-molt, pre-breeding lull. 2017 has been a little different, however. There are changes a foot and so your humble bloggess has been distracted by the impending new world order and has thus neglected her other duties.

First, Super-Friend Gabby and Bird-Whisperer Extraordinaire is upgrading the rehab space by turning half of our garage into a Rehab Ritz. I will spare y’all the original “before” photo of the garage and substitute a work site, day 1, pic.  So for the last two weeks, SF Gabby has been putting up walls, plugging holes, stripping down counters, and assembling a flight cage fit for the songbird stars who flit through here year round. (Simultaneously, we had someone paint the outside of our house because one of the rules around here is that the birds can’t live in fancier digs than the staff.)

The stream of West Nile Virus crows has, I hope, stopped since we’ve had some cold weather. I currently have a Fish Crow in residence. They look exactly like American version except they are smaller. The one I have is super-cute and bounces from perch to perch all day. He should be on his way soon as his concussion seems to be pretty much gone.

I am fully permitted both by the federal government and the Commonwealth of Virginia to rehab and exhibit crows and blue jays.  Snafu is now jumping on my hand to get food and has a snazzy travel case so he is ready to begin his career as an Animal Ambassador.  A Cooper’s Hawk thought he would make an excellent lunch and tried to nab him, only to get a whack in the head from three layers of screening. The result was one confused Coop and an oblivious blue jay.

Zen is also making progress and will now take food from me, scuttle along her perch to come to food, and eat in front of me. Gwen and Stephen still rule the earth. Or Gwen does; Stephen, like the rest of us, does what he is told.

Things on the agenda include:

  • Finishing the World’s Greatest Rehab Space
  • Building a proper mews for Zen and Snafu
  • Renovating Gwen and Stephen’s enclosure
  • Continuing house renovations to keep up with the Crowses
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Super-Daughter’s wedding (yes, there are pictures of Gwen and Stephen on her wedding website; why wouldn’t there be?)

So apologies if the updates are less than weekly for the next month or two.

Best Regards,

Room Service Woman