Bismarck and Caledonia have set about the complicated business of figuring out how the world works. Their conclusions so far:

#1: Life is much more amusing if you don’t do what the Human wants. That means time on a sheet on the living room floor for “enrichment” is an excellent time to nap; extra points if you can manage to look dead. Even more points for waiting until the Human gets involved in something else and then wandering off under the Eames chair, prompting a hilarious round of hide and go seek.

Time for a snooze

#2: Demand food at all times but spew back out what you don’t want. Even after you are full, keep begging because you never know what delicacy might be offered as appeasement. Remain flexible: just because something was your favorite food an hour ago doesn’t mean you have to keep liking it. Under no circumstances be fooled into eating dog food.

The Faces of Starvation

#3: Wing-flapping is super fun. If you do it when the Human is trying to pick you up, she will drop you and then you can scamper off, which is also satisfying.

Caledonia exercising her wings

#4: Water is a Thing of curiously limited utility. The Human has a strange fascination with the stuff as she keeps giving it to us. You can stand in it, but it’s kind of boring. Your feet get wet but that’s about it.

Bismarck and Caledonia testing out the water pan

That’s about it for today’s insights. Tomorrow’s agenda including contemplating the concept of perching which seems difficult, yet oddly fascinating.