Daylight Savings Time is back—or over, I always forget which. In any case, it means I can see the birds when I get home after work without scaring them half to death, as they distinctly do not like nighttime visitors, even those who come bearing peanuts. It also means spring is on the way. After doing Virtuous Things (go to yoga, prep crow food, clean out cages, do laundry), I sat in the corner of Gwen and Stephen’s spiffed up enclosure to watch them spend a lovely Sunday afternoon together crow-style. I got treated to many corvid moods.

The two of them were surprisingly chill with having me hanging out in their enclosure. Of course, they took turns keeping an eye on me but once they had satisfied themselves that I was skipping the running around trying to net them and shove them in a box or jab them with a needle, they became surprisingly tolerant. I was allowed to sit in a corner and take photos — at least for a while. After about 10 minutes, Gwen marched up to within five feet of me and gave me this look:

I know a five-minute warning when I see one. Sure enough, a bit later, Her Gwenness flew up to a perch and switched to this demeanor:

“Time’s Up!”

But this time, thanks to Super Son, I got the last laugh: he installed NestCam 2018, as their Corvid Majesties consumed their dinner. The camera has a great view of the shelf in the back; fingers crossed that they decide to build their nest there again this year.