Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have been a terrible corvid chronicler this year. But finally, I am able to introduce the stars of the 2018 Chick Season, Magellan and Marco Polo. Our dynamic duo were pulled from the next in mid-June, when they were semi-cute piles of feathers and beak. They stayed in a cardboard box for a couple of days before discovering the new hotness of the living room floor (see slideshow). They would both stagger a couple of steps before collapsing from exhaustion for a long nap. This fortitude and determination to explore prompted the names Magellan and Marco Polo.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo is the bigger and more courageous of the two siblings. He (gender is pure guess) is quicker to try things out and is slightly ahead of the curve in terms of development, be it leaving the nest/box, learning how to walk, figuring out the wing flapping deal, or implementing the daily memo from Corvid Headquarters on which foods are to be gobbled and which are to be spewed in disgust. Consistency is strongly discouraged.
Magellan is smaller and therefore craftier. When Marco Polo would return from trekking the vast expanse of the rug to the sofa, Magellan would refuse to let him back into the nest box. He was also better at playing mind games with food. While MP starting coming to get food early on, Magellan remained a strong believer in room service. He probably didn’t like getting stepped on by Marco, who had no compunction of using his sibling as a stepping stone to extra pinkie mice.
It did not take long for our friends to decide that cooperation generally produces superior results. For instance staking out the area in front of Super Hub’s favorite chair means that he will be afraid to sit there for fear of stepping on a wandering chick. This turns out to be an excellent technique for appropriating territory.
After walking and flapping, our buddies decided it was time for vocalization because everyone loves a crow squawk, right? Noisemaking is also useful for reminding Super Hub, Room Service Woman, and other assorted humans that they are starving or dying, if not both at the same time. It is apparently hard to get by on a diet of pinkie mice, grapes, bison dog food, and hard boiled eggs. (Please note that dog food, frozen rabbit, and blueberries are inedible and have no place in any respectable crow diet. In fact, they are probably poison. Any attempt to pass these substances off as food must be regarded as crow abuse pure and simple.)
It won’t be too long now before these guys figure out how to turn jumping and flapping into flying. Stay tuned!