I continue to try to figure out how to give Stephen Crowbert medicine twice a day without all of us going insane. My clever plan: inject three mice with meds and then put them in Stephen’s favorite parts of the enclosure so he’ll find them before Gwen. Not a bad idea in theory but trust a crow to undermine the implementation.

I put mouse #1 on Stephen’s favorite perch. Initial triumph: S. Crowbert grabbed the mouse and consumed it greedily until he got to the medicine part. Luckily it was too late to regurgitate the mouse but the gagging and head-shaking was academy-award worthy.

I left the other two mice in the nesting area, since Stephen goes back there several times a day whereas Gwen is not yet interested in hanging out back there. Stephen has turned the back corner into some sort of man-cave. A couple of days ago, he emerged with a pork chop bone that had to have been at least two weeks old. As the video below reveals, he emerged with with one of the adulterated mice this evening, which he promptly consumed. He then retrieved mouse number three and then promptly hopped off to share it with Gwen.

Not the plan, Stan!