2018 is in the books and our corvid crew is pretty chill with the end of another year. Zen survived his diet of pumpkin and Metamucil to get rid of the metal in his gut. We never figured out where it came from but, as long as it’s gone, I’ll score it as a win. Gwen and Stephen finally beat capillaria (knock on wood) and got through breeding season with two live chicks. Snafu is officially male per a late-year DNA sexing test. Rehab season was rough due to West Nile Virus, which was up 300% this year thanks to a very wet spring and summer, but we still got 40 birds, including 10 crows, back out in the wild where they belong. We also met a vegetarian crow, revamped this website, welcomed new volunteers, upgraded the facilities, visited Ginny, and generally had our lives enriched by all things corvid.

Many thanks to the Diva Crows faithful readers who follow along at home as we go through our avian ups and downs. Please consider recommending this site to your friends, families, co-workers, chiropractors, piano-tuners, dental hygienists, or anyone else who really should be better informed about the Glory of the Corvid. With your help, we can rid the earth of the scourge of birdnapping, end the use of glue traps, and expose misleading labeling that puts birds in danger.

2019 awaits. Whatever it brings, Gwen, Stephen, Zen, and Snafu will provide the necessary insight and cawmentary to guide us humans through it. Stay tuned, be well, and Happy New Year!