After a few false alarms, snow has finally come to Northern Virginia. So far the perfect amount has fallen. Enough to make everything pretty and to provide an excellent excuse to stay home and nest but not so much that we risk a power outage or being marooned for days.

Gwen has no objection to snow as long as it does not interrupt meal service. Super Hub dutifully delivered worms this morning and I produced lunch in a timely fashion. In celebration of the white stuff, I passed out a universal favorite: rinds from $13 per pound Emmanthaler cheese. Birds are not supposed to have dairy because they are lactose intolerant but since the time of Aesop, crows have loved cheese. (Please note that this particular fable is loathsome as it makes the crow look foolish. It should not be mentioned again.) I figure a little bit now and then can’t hurt. 

I have taken to delivering Gwen and Stephen’s meal in some sort of packaging so that they can amuse themselves with a round of instinctive destructive behavior before having a nice meal. Gwen wasted no time in flying down and ripping up the wrapping to get to the cheese. (Click on the images below to enlarge them.)


 Gwen has taken possession of her cheese rind, which is her favorite treat

M. Crowbert takes snow very seriously. While Gwen continued her routine, Stephen took it upon himself to be stoic. Instead of staying in the covered area, he perched outside to prove that it may be cold and wet but he can take it. So while Gwen was shredding paper to extract cheese, Stephen was Being Dignified. The results are pretty impressive.

Here is Stephen Crowbert being fierce in the face of the elements

Stephen using his rousing super power to stay warm and dry.

Zen is chill about snow (pun intended). In fact, he is fine with just about anything so long as it does not involve interaction with another living creature. He is back to taking food from me and so was cool with shuffling across his perch to pick up some cheese. He has not said anything since last summer when he was outraged by all the teenaged crows disturbing his peace and quiet. They got off his lawn, so he’s back to silently monitoring the neighborhood and enjoying the occasional treat.


Zen eyeing me warily while I exit his enclosure so he can eat his snack in peace.

Where Zen is cool and collected, Snafu is totally excited about anything that is happening, might be happening, could be happening, or maybe has already happened. Whatever it is, it must be awesome. Like totally. Therefore, he flew around when he saw the cheese,  then landed on my hand to grab said dairy product,  and flew around some more to show off his prize. He is very easy to please. I hope he doesn’t lose his corvid membership card for being so obliging. 

Snafu taking a short break in the midst of his cheese victory lap.