How did it get to be mid-February? I blame Snafu. We brought him inside due to the very cold weather and he has taken up is position in the center of the house with great gusto. He shows his “appreciation” for being rescued from the Polar Vortex by bobbing his head up and down and letting out a shriek that sounds like a squeaky door hinge with overtones of nails on a blackboard (for those of you of a certain vintage who remember what that sounds like). Sometimes he takes pity on us and does his American Crow imitation or burbles to himself. (Yes, a crow caw is a mercy in this context). He’s a bit of a distraction, to put it mildly.

Part of the reason we can’t shut Snafu up is that he won’t accept food bribes. For some reason the entire Corvid team decides to diet in February, which is weird because it takes extra calories to stay warm in cold temperatures. Gwen and Stephen are eating about half of their summer (breeding season) intake. They are leaving behind usual favorites such as chicken wings, heart, and cheddar cheese. Snafu has become so blase that he’s not bothering to cache his beloved almonds. Even Zen is dropping food and not bothering to pick it up.

But today is Valentine’s Day, so treats are required even for those watching their feathered waistlines. No matter how dedicated our corvid crew is to this mysterious dieting phase, they cannot resist a plump thawed mouse. Yum.

May you share equally delicious goodies with your loved ones and have a lovely Valentine’s Day.