Here’s hoping everyone is having a wonderful holiday week. Gwen and Stephen are survivors and therefore managed to┬álive through the Invasion of the Bizarre Red Things.


Super Daughter, being both a procrastinator and a genius, purchased G&S stockings on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day I filled them full of yummy goodies, which included peanuts and left-over barbecue ribs. Otherwise you don’t want to know. I was present for the domination phase of patented crow routine for dealing with new things when Gwen flew down to march around and yell at the interloping objects.

Their Crownesses refused to engage in any closer examination until I left. All I know is that the next morning, the stockings were empty and the crows were hungry (again).

2016 was a difficult year for this crow family given the loss of Gwen’s chicks and Ruckus, but 2017 is a chance for a new start. I’m already eyeing sticks in the yard that might meet Gwen’s exacting standards for nest-building material. Emily Dickinson was right: Hope is a thing with feathers.

Design: El Cheapo Cards

Design: L Cheapo Cards