Stephen Crowbert monitoring clean-up efforts with disapproval

As befits the holiday, Minion Man and I have dutifully labored for the benefit of our corvid overlords. Broken perch replaced? Check. Three boxes of rejected nest sticks removed from the enclosure? Check. Gravel poured over bald patches on the ground to prevent earthworm snacking in a fruitless battle against capillaria? Check. Yellow jackets dodged? Check. Poison Ivy avoided? Pretty please, check. Zen’s enclosure cleaned and enormous beetle presented as a good-will offering? Check and check.

And now for something completely different…..paperwork! Educational brochures on crows and bluejays drafted for Virginia education permit? Check. Vet letters collected, applications filled out, everything assembled in one .pdf, proof of educational intent secured? Hmmm. Let’s blog about it rather than doing it. Much more fun.

The end-goal of all this effort is to have Zen glove-trained to make her debut as an education bird for Halloween. I introduced her to anklets a few days ago and she was surprisingly resistant. Why she has no objections to having her entire foot encased in vet wrap and tape but finds the idea of a strip of leather around her leg abhorrent is a mystery. But I refuse to leave her in peace until she allows me to touch her leg with the anklet and since being left alone is her ultimate happiness, she eventually acquiesces.

Anyway, in honor of Labor Day, a tribute to ravens, who, as we learned from Game of Thrones, are able to fly at warp speed to save the day.