Happy Father’s Day to all the paternal creatures, feathered and otherwise. A special shout-out to Stephen Crowbert, who is a devoted Dad. 

This year Gwen produced two live chicks. Throughout the nest-building and incubation process, Stephen stuck with his policy of fly-by warnings to remind me that I should stay away. When, in spite of repeated warnings, I checked the nest to take a census of the inhabitants, he opted for a new form of communication: talons in the back of the head. 

A Crow talon looks like this…..

….but feels like this.

I can take a hint. I’ve stayed away, except to pull one of the chicks. When I executed that maneuver, I clothed myself in several layers and a pith helmet. Here is this year’s chick we are hand-raising, who has been dubbed Wise Guy because that is a fabulous name for a crow. 

Super Daughter and Super Son-in-Law are on their way to Virginia to spend time with Super Hub before heading further south to dine with SSL’s father and mother. In the interest of fairness, I’m off to return a birdnapped fledge crow to its Dad. Happy Father’s Day all!