St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers, so Minion Man is insisting that it’s really Beekeeper Day. Unless it’s really St. Gobnait who is in charge of the bees. (That’s St. Deborah or Abigail for those of us outside of Ireland.) ¬†The Bulgarians would tell you Saint Kharlampii has the bee brief. Will the real patron saint of beekeepers please stand up?

In any case, we’ve known since the time of Chaucer that love is all about the birds and the bees getting set for the upcoming breeding season. This is a vast improvement on the ancient Egyptians, in my opinion, who used honey as a spermicide.

And this year Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday coincide for the first time since 1945, adding a further contradiction into the mix.

As always, the corvids are way smarter than us and keep things simple. I think they’re onto something: skip the labels and go straight to¬†allopreening and spending time with loved ones.