Doubtful-Guest-5I was beginning to feel as if I had been inserted into Edward Gorey’s A Doubtful Guest, having failed in two attempts to release the grackles that arrived on August 6 from another rehabber. Come to think of it, the creature in DG does have distinctly grackle-like features.

Today it got too ridiculous, so I move three of them to airlock in Gwen and Stephen’s enclosure. Pretty soon they were hanging on the side of the enclosure 10 feet up, which told me that their “we can’t fly” routine was just an act. Sure enough, when I open the airlock door, two of them zoomed off. The third decided to hide in the underbrush for a while but once I got serious about trying to catch him, off he went as well.

The bird census currently stands at 2 grackles, 1 starling, and miracle jay. I began the bittersweet task of scrubbing down the rehab bird cages for winter storage this morning. It’s nice that no more orphans will be coming my way until the spring but a sure sign that summer is really over.