Labor Day has come and gone, as have days of 90+ degree temperatures. The heat was pretty brutal last week: Snafu ignored a pinkie mouse in favor of flying around with an ice chip in his beak. Even Gwen and Stephen, despite their African heritage, spent most of the day in the back area of their enclosure in the shade.  But today the temperature is in the 70s, so everyone is feeling much more chipper.

The Snoozy Season is almost here. Zen has finished molting and has never looked so good in the three years he’s lived here. His feathers are shiny and the places where he pecked himself in an effort to get rid of the metal that was in his gut have pretty much disappeared. Snafu is also done with molting and his sporting a jaunty new crest that he is quite happy to show off. Gwen and Stephen are still losing feathers but their appetites have returned to normal and they are much calmer.

Two rehab crows remain: one with a torn ligament in the wing and the other still recovering from West Nile Virus. They seem to have become good buddies. The WNV one is molting like crazy, which may be one reason he shows no interest in heading out back into the wild.

A West Nile Virus survivor in full molt

Snafu experimenting with his new crest

Which brings us to Henry. SuperHub found this on the internet and I love it because it is a feel good story of human-blue jay interaction. This person does everything right: gives the blue jay, aka Henry, water when it’s hot, admires his ability to catch grasshoppers, protects him from cats, and then lets Henry develop his independence so he can begin the serious business of being a blue jay. After a season of trying to convince people not to “rescue” fledglings, not to destroy nests, and dealing with far too many fatal West Nile Virus cases, it’s a joy to see something go right.