Today was a day of avian departures. The Northern Flickers headed out to parts unknown, after having reduced the circumference of the perches in the flights cage by about a half. That would be a woodpecker thing, I guess.


Juvenile American Crow about 8 feet above the ground

The main drama was getting Junior Crow reunited with his family. I took him back to the townhouse development where he was found and met up with the woman who had rescued him to begin with. JC quickly headed into some underbrush and then hopped up the branches 6-8 feet and stopped. There he sat for two hours, so the rescuer called me and we decided to retrieve him because thunderstorms were headed in and he seemed not to be attracting any corvid attention.


Juvenile American Crow about 30 feet up

In the time it took me to get back, Junior decided to head upwards. By the time I got there, he was about 30 feet up and no amount of tree shaking or branch banging, induced him to move. After about an hour, he decided we were irritating after all and flew even higher to another tree. So we gave up. As we were heading back to the car, Junior started cawing and by the time we were at the parking lot, a beautiful adult crow flew over our heads and veered off to where Junior was perched. I’m hoping it was a member of his extended family, so I’m declaring a successful reunion and victory.