Apologies for the hiatus in posting but I, your humble bloggess, Room Service Woman, have been swamped at work. While my attention has been elsewhere, the corvid crew has been busy making progress/trouble of their own.

First, a census: In addition to the mainstays of Gwen and Stephen, we have Rehab Crow #1, aka Peasant Crow, who is still recovering from a broken shoulder blade, concussion, and nerve damage. She has been joined by Rehab Crow #2 who has avian pox, which is highly contagious and thus requires quarantine, separate equipment, and a strong stomach since pox is gross. (Although, in fairness, our patient has a very mild case, which I am working hard to keep that way.) Rehab Crow #3 joined the team this morning, with what I think is a sprained wing.

So if we’re counting crows, the tally so far is as follows:

One brings Sorrow

Two bring Joy

Three a Girl

And Four a Boy

Five bring Want…


But no worries. This is no ordinary group of five crows. Of course that means special treatment. First off, this Fabulous Five requires a high-calorie, protein and calcium-rich diet: the rehab crows to strengthen their immune systems and develop the muscles that deteriorated during illness and Gwen and Stephen to keep up their energy during the nesting season. Minion Man has thus been left to serve the enhanced meals since I’ve been absent. Last week I asked him to feed them some cheddar cheese. How much? he asks. “I don’t know, several cubes like the cheese platters they serve at cocktail parties,” I said, running out the door.

So he went to the grocery store, got fancy toothpicks and made a cheese platter.

It is possible I am being gently mocked.

With or without toothpicks, Gwen has benefitted from the extra calcium. She has apparently decided to play catch-up from the last two nesting seasons, which produced a combined total of five eggs and one live chick, by producing five eggs—her record to date.

Which, to return to counting, potentially gets us up to:

And Six bring Gold

Seven bring secrets never told

Eight bring wishing

Nine bring kissing

Ten, the love my own heart’s missing!


The good news is that Gwen and Stephen seem to have the incubation routine under control.

And yet, there’s the whole counting chickens (or crows) before they hatch. Last May was so cold that none of the chicks made it.  This May has been chilly, although not nearly as bad as last year. So talons crossed!