I have the honor to announce the arrival of a new royal in our midst. All hail Princess Aurora, Lastborn of the House of Corvidae, First of Her Name, Envoy to All the Counties, Cacher of Mealworms, Protector of the Six Cages, and Mother of Bureaucracies .

A full explanation of HRH’s pedigree follows:

Aurora was the Greek goddess who traveled across the sky from East to West every day, giving the Romans the Latin word for dawn. It is also a term for the Northern Lights. So of course Aurora is the perfect name for a beautiful black bird.

Lastborn of the House of Corvidae: Aurora was the last fledgling to come in during the 2019 rehab season. Late born chicks often are weaker or have physical problems and Our Girl fits into that category. She had a bird boot on for a few weeks to fix her foot so she can perch (earning her the nickname “Paddlefoot”). In spite of that medical success, she developed a drooping left wing. The vet determined that she would never be able to fly well enough for release, so she’s now an education bird.

First of Her Name: Know any other crows named Aurora? Didn’t think so.

Envoy to All the Counties: Aurora is training to be an avian ambassador for the Northern Virginia general public. She is comfortable around people and is getting used to going outside. She has learned how to step up, catch a ball and drop it into a cup, and is working on learning how to display other corvid behaviors upon request. 

Aurora proclaiming her amazingness

Protector of the Six Cages: As an education bird, Aurora is not allowed to fraternize with rehab birds. But as the loudest and smartest avian on the property, she is in charge of everyone anyway. 

Cacher of Mealworms: Yeah, this is an issue. In Aurora’s view, the best place to keep worms safe for later snacking is apparently clothing, specifically down Super Hub’s shirt.  Super Hub is not interested in being a human lunchbox. Negotiations continue.

Post-its FTW

Mother of Bureacracies: Crows collect things and Aurora is no different. Unlike other crows I’ve met, Aurora is a devotee of all things bureaucratic: pencils, pens, post-it notes, business cards, large paperclips, and notebooks. Removing papers from binders is a top priority. Post-it notes must be promptly removed and put someplace else.