It’s a little tough to follow along at home as life unfolds in the Nest. I’ve set up one of those Ring video doorbells but the video quality isn’t that great, and Gwen spends most of the time brooding (i.e. sitting on top of) the babies. When they are exposed, they generally look like a mound o’ crow chick, so it’s hard to tell who is who.

But tonight, the threesome showed that they are beginning to master the art of “periscope up,” namely popping up with their mouths open when they hear anything that might have something to do with food. Counting mouths is much easier that figuring out where one body ends and the other begins.

When Gwen or Stephen grunts, the first chick to pop up gets fed. In the video below, the Little Bleener beat his siblings to the punch and got the treat. The babies still haven’t managed to get full muscle control going so they quickly collapse onto each other, thereby creating a tangled mass of crow baby. I worry when LB ends up on the bottom of the scrum pile as he is so much smaller than the others. It’s amazing how fast they grow. He hatched a day later and missed the first day of feeding and is about half the size of his siblings.

Anyway, here’s a look at how this routine works in practice. Please note also that Stephen Crowbert is doing the the grocery shopping and feeding the kids dinner while Gwen watches. He appears to be a very attentive father.