For decades, the Corvid Staff have argued over whether cranberry should be served in sauce or jelly form. This year  we are having a quiet, but chilly, Thanksgiving. No party-crashing cooper’s hawks and even the local crows seem to have gone home to grandma’s. Therefore, it seemed like a good time to turn to the corvids to decide this family feud once and for all.

Gwen and Stephen have had their appetizer-superworms and are currently working on a first-helping of chicken wing. As sensible crows, they do not eat plant material; as monarchs, they do not vote. So no help there.

Snafu grabbed a dried cranberry and then spat it out, putting him squarely on the (wrong!) side of the ongoing flock dispute over whether cranberry should be served in delicious relish form or as a slimy jelly.

Zen is not willing to speak to pollsters, opting to start his holiday feast with an almond and insisting on ballot box secrecy as he casts his cranberry vote. Assuming he eats the dried cranberry, we will have a 50-50 split and will have to continue this divisive debate until 2020.

In the meantime, Their Corvid Majesties, their courtiers, and staff wish you a delicious Thanksgiving 2018.