So the last delivery of memos to Gwen, Stephen, and Ruckus must have gotten horribly mixed up. Ruckus has decided she really needs to build a nest and is dutifully inserting sticks between her perch and the wire mesh of her enclosure to create a platform. She is also molting, which she did last spring as well, although molting season is not until July or August.

Ruckus, does, however, maintain¬†a clear understanding of her mission to steal everything she can during inside time. She was particularly successful recently in absconding with a beakful of french fries, which we are still discovering stashed away in various corners of the dining room. She has also made off with Minion Man’s wallet, the cell phone battery charger, a letter opener, and a fortune cookie.


On the other side of the yard, Gwen and Stephen Crowbert have gotten super territorial. Even after I leave the enclosure, Stephen has to cling to the door and glare at me. Their food consumption is up about 25%. But they have zero interest in nest-building. The sticks I bring in are left in a pile by the door to be removed.¬†They starting nest building in mid-April last year, so it’s early days yet, but I was hoping the warm weather might inspire them.

G&S pair portrait