Who is better at communicating: crows explaining to humans how things should be done or humans trying to do the same to each other? To ask the question is, I suppose, to answer it.

Example 1:

DSC_0463Room Service Woman is sitting at the dining table in the morning working on the computer; Gwen and Stephen Crowbert are complaining loudly. RSW checks the clock and it’s not 10 am, when G&S begin yelling if their daily chicken wing has not been served. So why the fuss?

It is Minion Man’s job to serve morning worms. Minion Man knows this and yet something is amiss. Was there some sort of miscommunication?

RSW texts Minion Man: “Did you give the crows their morning worms?”

Inevitable answer soon follows: “No, mistakes were made.”

RSW initiates emergency feeding protocol.

Example 2:

Same scenario as above with same agitated cawing, except Minion Man has left the house before light for a clinical rotation.  Gwen and Stephen do not accept worms before dawn so MM doesn’t feed them. RSW forgets this at her peril. She finally finds worms that MM has decanted in a cup waiting for delivery, figures out her dereliction of duty, and rectifies the oversight.



Example 3:

Scene: RSW is still at the dining room table; Gwen and Stephen are again in high dudgeon.

Minion Man: The crows are upset

RSW (looking at clock): They can’t be. It’s 9:32 am. They never demand their chicken early.

Minion Man: Something is wrong.

RSW: Don’t worry about it.

Minion Man exits to backyard and returns shortly thereafter as silence descends.

Minion Man: You missed it.

RSW: What?

Minion Man: The Red Tailed Hawk perched on the tree above the enclosure contemplating attack. I told you something was up. I chased it away.

Red Tailed Hawk photo by Jim Ridley. Not the ideal neighbor.