Some comings and goings here in Gwen and Stephen’s realm. So where to begin?

Bismarck checking out water on a hot day

Bismarck has left to become a child star at a nature center (location to be revealed when I receive clearance from his new retinue of retainers). He has already appeared in public and appears to be a natural for the education limelight. His main Lady-in-Waiting reports that he is adjusting well, although worries about his rate of weight gain. My thought is that it’s normal for the growth rate to slow down. If crows kept up their pace of weight gain from the first few weeks of life, they’d be bigger than ostriches. More to the point, the vet says he’s doing fine, however, and confirmation of his gender should be coming soon.

Caledonia on her way up the stairs

Caledonia is proceeding to take over the house (except the basement of which she disapproves). She explores the ground floor and then hops up the stairs and surveys the goings-on from her lookout. She also enjoys watching Project Runway from the back of the armchair in the living room.  She has not revealed who her favorite designer is but seems fascinated by all the running around.

Caledonia is having a bit of a problem finding a permanent home due to logistical obstacles created by the Powers That Be.  One state requires that birds only come from licensed breeders, precluding the sale. In the most recent instance, Mother Nature diverted the buyer’s crow money to repairs for a deck destroyed in a storm. I’m sure she’ll be happily settled into her new home by the time season 15 of Project Runway rolls around; in the meantime, we’ll make it work.

Leftover Crow, as Super Hub has dubbed him, has left the nest and hangs out on the platform holding the nest basket when not hanging out on the back perch. He has not emerged from behind the partition, which is unfortunate because he desperately needs to find the water pan and take a bath. Gwen and Stephen are still insanely over-protective and pitch a fit whenever anyone comes near the enclosure which might explain Leftover’s reluctance to come out and see the world. The plan is still for him/her to relocate to Florida.

Gwen and Stephen’s remaining chick figuring out all the perching jazz.