Gwen demanding that Super Hub to absent himself

Super Hub tried to adjust the cameras in the crows’ enclosure today, a mission that was called off quickly and abruptly when he reached the nest area and suddenly felt a crow beak strike between his shoulder blades. SH knows how to take a hint and so beat a hasty retreat. He reported, however, that 8-10 sticks have been stashed in the nest area, a good sign that construction has begun.

Here is an interesting post on corvid nests from Kaeli Swift, a PhD student in the Pacific Northwest who writes a blog called Corvid Research. She confirms that nest attacks are possible, even before the chicks are born—or in this case even before eggs have been produced. She also suggests wearing a cap and drawing two eyes on the back since crows only attack from the rear. That doesn’t seem like a ruse that would fool a crow for too long, I have to say.