capillariaGwen and Stephen Crowbert have capillaria again—or maybe still if I didn’t successfully get rid of the first infection. I certainly hope that’s the case since otherwise it means that my efforts to make the enclosure a capillaria free zone have failed. Capillaria are a hair-like parasite that are transferred to birds through infected earthworms. That’s why we dumped 1500 pounds of gravel in the enclosure to cover up the earth. But I suppose they could be reinfecting themselves somehow. I say somehow because contemplating on how that might happen is too gross to think about unless, of course, they are reinfecting each other through tender moments like this:

Tender Moment 2

I finally got hold of the necessary medicine and so once a day have to go into the enclosure, net each of them, and then convince them to open their beaks so I can shoot the meds from a syringe down their throats. This is not a procedure that endears them to me, and they have managed to get in some pretty painful chomps to express their displeasure. And yet when dinner time rolls around, I am (sort of) forgiven. I like to think that at some level they understand I’m trying to help.