Finally, we have the small hyperactive birds that run around the beach all day. What are they? Who knows.


This is where bird-watching becomes beyond tedious. They are either semipalmated sandpipers or sanderlings. I would bet on the sandpiper but then I look at these sanderling photos (especially breeding adult) and get confused all over again. And semipalmated sandpipers are near-threatened and there were sure no shortage of these guys running around. To make matters worse, both types of bird breed in the Arctic and migrate during the fall, so what are they doing on a North Carolina beach in August anyway? Non-breeding sanderlings stick around the beach all summer because why schlep up to Canada if you don’t have to? But then the guys I saw were in breeding rather than non-breeding plumage. So before my head explodes, I give up. There were a lot of sand-tweetybirds. They were cute. I got some good photos. The End.

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